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Edelschwarz Alpine Bio Spirits

Edelschwarz Deluxe Bundle

Edelschwarz Deluxe Bundle

IT BIO 013
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  • Organic - Premium Quality
  • Handcrafted
  • Exclusive bottle design

Experience the variety of our first-class Edelschwarz distillates with the exclusive product bundle:

  • London Dry Gin (0.5l - 47% Vol.)
  • Cocoa Gin (0.5l - 42% Vol.)
  • Organic Vodka (0.7l - 40% Vol.)

Detailed description

This bundle is a must for every home bar and makes an excellent gift for special occasions. Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality Edelschwarz distillates and be amazed by the versatility and taste of this exclusive set.


  • 3 Premium Spirits
  • Handcrafted
  • Delivery time: 2-3 days
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Unique Alpine flavor

Our Edelschwarz spirits are distinguished by the use of locally selected alpine botanicals and ancient rye. With a careful selection of various ingredients from the Alps, including Edelweiss and blackberries, our spirits offer a distinctive and authentic taste that captures the essence of alpine nature. This creates a unique culinary experience that reflects the flavors of the Alps in every drop.


Traditional craftsmanship

Our spirits are distilled in small batches with great care, ensuring high quality and the perfect balance of flavors.


Sustainably produced

By using organic ingredients and environmentally friendly production methods, we actively contribute to the protection of our Alpine region.


Alpine Lifestyle

Our spirits not only offer a taste experience but also represent an alpine lifestyle that combines a connection to nature with enjoyment.

That's what our spirits enthusiasts say: